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“I don’t like sales Ramez, I don’t like sales” 

This is what one of the delegates told me in one of my public events. 

And as I started digging deeper, she came and told me the story of how she turned things around. 

And she went to tell her manager, “I don’t like sales, I don’t like this job because her job as a telemarketer was to generate leads.

And she had worked there for a couple of weeks and generated zero leads. 

Until she asked her manager, told him that, he said: 

“You know, tomorrow, I’m going to sit with you and show you how to get the job done”

And for an entire day, she observed her manager making these calls, and guess what happened the next day? 

She loves sales now because the next day she got more than thirteen leads. More than anybody else in the department. 

And all what it took from her manager, is that one day to teach her how to fish. 

So the one thing that could be holding sales teams back, isn’t necessarily their sales people.

Yet it is their sales coaches/sales leaders that are responsible for the four elements I spoke about in the previous video. 

Which is a bit about learning, growing and find a sense of belonging, right? 

Hi, my name is Ramez Helou, I’m the founder and keynote speaker at The Sales Academy.

Where I simply speak at events and conferences to educate, inspire, and motivate sales teams to sell more, faster and profitably. 

So, what happens is there’s a simple formula that if your sales leaders are able to do simply, it will unblock whatever hurdles that could be holding your team back. 

And we know that the speed of the team is determined by the speed of its leader. 

So the leader must be a subject matter expert.

The leader must take the time, must be great at organizational skills to take the time and spend the time with individuals.

The leader must be able to give people feedback.

And they have to know how to simply recognize and possibly even have some “holding people accountable moments”, so recognize people in public and hold people accountable in private. 

So the one formula that I’ll share with you is what we call “the educate, demonstrate and imitate and feedback formula”. 

So, as you heard in this example, what happened is that the sales leader ignored the education and demonstration. 

So, when the person did the job by themselves, they failed miserably. 

And many times, the opposite happened. 

People give training, so, here’s what you got to do, let me show you. 

And they, maybe they even skipped that part, and they let the person go. 

They skip even demonstrating, or imitating, or letting them imitate, and giving them feedback. 

So here, you simply will demonstrate and the subject matter expert, you educate and demonstrate.

You let them imitate and you’re giving them feedback.

And that’s how it goes.

So it’s to educate, demonstrate, imitate and give feedback 

This has been a small segment in the sales engine, which I will be sharing some more details in the following segments to come. 

Keep watching, and watch out for some of my future tips. 

Because if you find them useful, share them with others, go ahead and share this link with others, so that others can benefit from such ideas.

Until next time.

Ramez Helou

Ramez Helou

CEO and Founder
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