2021 Sales Training
Outcomes for SFS

Basamh’s Macro Business Goals – LEAP 2025

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LEAP 2025

Build Product Selling Stories to Empower Team to Sell Against Competition

Develop RSM’s & Supervisors to deliver results through others

Standardize our Sales Approach through the “Basamh Way of Selling”


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Vs. SG Value


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RSM’s and Supervisors


To develop their leadership abilities
to deliver results through others

Course 1: Sales Strategy & Activity Management

Learning Objectives Achieved:

  1. Established priority channels and customers.
  2. Developed and utilized route planning
    strategies with their sales teams.
  3. Understood importance of sales strategy
    and hero products

Course 2: Sales Leadership
& Field Coaching

Learning Objectives Achieved:

  1. Identified their main role responsibilities.
  2. Differentiate between directive and
    supportive behavior in managing and
    leading their team.
  3. Conduct effective field coaching

Course 3: Monthly
Group Coaching


  1. Reinforce & support in implementation.
  2. Share success stories.

Sales Executives, Van Sales, Telesales, RSM’s & Supervisors


Standardize our sales approach through
the “Basamh Way of Selling”.

Course 1: Basamh Way of Selling

Learning Objectives Achieved:

  1. Identified empowering and disempowering
    beliefs to sales success.
    2. Recognized and applied the 5 steps of the sales.
    3. Utilized a more customer focus approach by
    improving listening and questioning skills to
    identify customer true needs.

Course 2: Monthly Group Coaching


  1. Reinforce & support in implementation.
  2. Share success stories.

Marketing Manager,
RSMs & Chefs


Build the product selling stories
for our brands.

Course 1: The Building of the
Product Selling Stories Template

Learning Objectives Achieved:

  1. Created an easy to use and product selling
    story training format.

Course 2: Train the Chefs & RSMs in Q4 2021


  1. To empower chefs and RSMs to conduct
    effective product selling skills training
    2. To equip their sales team with knowledge
    about their product unique selling
    proposition and be able to sell against

Impact of Training


Ali Bin Afif


For my team, I really see the difference in approaching with new thinking to find a solution for the customer and I see that they are not just coming to me to ask for the discount but they came to me to let me know the customer pain to find solutions, and they have been successful with many customers by introducing our brands instead of the competitors without discount. – That’s why we achieved our quarterly target.


ROI Ramez helou

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