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Pepsi Al Jomaih

Pepsi Al Jomaih

Quick Stats

Our client since 2015

Based in Saudi Arabia

3 x Senior Managers

8 x Key Account Managers

7 x Sales Representatives


Return-on-invested-capital: 15,305% within 5 months only

Over USD 1.96 Million in sales contracts were successfully renewed



Current key account agreements grew by USD 840,000


New accounts were closed valued at over USD 300,000


Their challenge

The Foodservice sector in Saudi Arabia is still reeling from the Corona Pandemic.

Government lockdowns and declining consumer confidence decimated demand for dining across the Kingdom.

Hotels, restaurants and quick service food outlets saw their customer base disappear overnight.

Businesses in the HORECA sector began taking drastic action to slash costs and save operating capital.

Pepsi Al Jomaih felt the impact almost immediately; so too did their competition.

Their competitors immediately took advantage of the situation and began to offer massive discounts.

The aim of the competition? To steal Pepsi’s key accounts and market share.

Pepsi’s sales team began to feel the pressure and knew their market dominance was under threat. 

The Academy for Sales Excellence (TAFSE) had to quickly assist Pepsi to overcome this unique challenge.


pepsi plant

Our Process


Stakeholder Alignment


Stakeholder alignment

Medium-to-large businesses are complex mixtures of people, processes and assets.

Pepsi is no different.

Our first priority was to gather Pepsi’s key stakeholders for an initial discussion.

Our aim? To ensure alignment on the issues at hand across Pepsi’s senior management.

The key persons included the Sales Director, the Head of Foodservice, and the Learning & Development Manager.

During the meeting, we were able to outline Pepsi’s sales challenges and their possible root causes.

With alignment across the stakeholders, we could now move forward with our needs-analysis to verify the root causes outlined.

TAFSE deploys a proprietary process whereby we gather and compare sales team insights. 

We proceeded to dispatch tailored online surveys to Pepsi’s sales leadership and representatives.

The purpose? To capture psychological, procedural, and market insights not before identified and known.

Generally, these insights lead TAFSE to discover the root causes limiting sales for our clients.

By comparing insights between the sales leaders and representatives, we can find:

  • Gaps currently restricting sales and revenue performance
  • Opportunities to leverage in sales as we move forward


This process consists of:

  • Tailoring the surveys to be relevant to Pepsi’s business model
  • Mapping the organisational structure of the sales leadership and representatives
  • Releasing the surveys to all key persons and following up on their completion
  • Analysing the data from a quantitative and qualitative perspective
  • Drawing conclusions from the data for presentation to Pepsi


Needs Analysis




Presentation of Proposal

Based on the needs analysis, TAFSE presented our proposal for Pepsi.

The proposal included the scope of work, associated timeframes and investment requested.

Project Kick-Off Session for All Stakeholders

Given the size of this project, we first conducted a ‘kick-off’ session.

The purpose? To align all participants by explaining our sales training and coaching solution.


Virtual (Live) Sales Training and Coaching for the Sales Team

Coaching sessions occurred every other week for 12 weeks.

During these group training and coaching sessions, we met with Pepsi’s sales team to:

  • Teach the new sales content as per the outline of the program
  • Conducted group exercises and role plays to help bring their learning to life
  • Provided the team with time to share success stories and ask questions
  • Coached them on the challenges that they’re currently facing
  • Capture success stories so that they could be modelled by colleagues in the future
  • Complete assigned sales exercises and worksheets prepared for each of the online lessons

Accessibility for the Sales Team

Pepsi’s team were able to reach their coach for support via our online training platform.

For more complex and urgent questions by the team, live calls were also provided.

Repetition is the Mother of All Learning

The sales and coaching outline for Pepsi leveraged the principle of timed repetition.

By involving the Pepsi team in both online and virtual coaching, they:

  • Learn around their work schedules improving productivity
  • Sharpen their sales skills with a professional sales coach
  • Co-created their selling approaches in a group environment


    Training & Coaching Execution




    Sales Leadership Training & Coaching for Head of Sales and the Key Account Management



    Effective leadership is through actions and not titles.

    With this in mind, we also focused on Pepsi’s sales leadership and key account management teams.

    From week 6 onward, we began giving them tailored leadership training and coaching bi-monthly.

    Our goal? To equip the leadership with the knowledge and skills to motivate and manage their teams.

    Empowering the leadership in this way delivers long-term ROI beyond our engagement timeframe.

    We recommend to all client’s the deployment of TAFSE’s proprietary Mobile App.

    This powerful tool is accessible for both the sales team and their leadership.

    The sales team must complete a daily sales survey via the Mobile App. to:

    • Remind them of the sales principles taught in their training and coaching
    • To build new and more effective sales behaviours and skills as a result
    • And, to capture sales success stories and sales revenue attributed to their training and coaching

    The sales leadership must complete regular  surveys via the Mobile App. to:

    • Put in place the principles of sales leadership and coaching amongst their team
    • To verify the sales success stories and sales revenue claimed by the sales team


      Developing New Sales Behaviours and Recording ROI via TAFSE’s Mobile App


      Tafse app


      Behavioral Change & Performance Measurements for ROI


      ROI Ramez helou

      To help all the stakeholder’s monitor and measure ROI of our sales training and coaching engagement:

      • Using the Mobile App., automatic daily, weekly and monthly reports were shared for all stakeholders.
      • Team members could individually track their performance
      • And, corrective action could be taken where necessary and earlier as a result.

      Based on validated sales success stories and revenue, we are able to calculate the return-on-investment.

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