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In the dynamic business landscape of Dubai, where competition is fierce and the demand for excellence is paramount, companies like Profound, a distinguished company formation and visa specialist, sought to overcome significant challenges in their sales department.

Enter The Academy for Sales Excellence (TAFSE), a leading sales training and consulting firm based in Dubai, UAE, committed to elevating sales performance and driving tangible results for its clients.


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Challenges Faced by Profound Before TAFSE’s Intervention:

Profound, like many businesses, confronted a myriad of challenges that were hindering their sales growth:

1. Missed Growth Targets:
The sales team consistently fell short of achieving growth targets, leading to concerns about overall performance.

2. Increased Competition:
In a market with heightened competition and lower overheads from rival companies, Profound needed a strategic edge to stand out.

3. Gaps in Sales Strategy, Processes, & Performance Management:
There were identified gaps in the sales strategy, processes, and overall performance management within the organization.

4. Capacity Issues with Sales Leadership:
The sales leader struggled with capacity issues, impacting their ability to manage the team optimally.

5. Lack of Knowledge and Skills:
The sales team lacked the necessary knowledge, skills, and capacity to effectively sell in a competitive environment.

6. Limited Coaching and Feedback:
Internal or field sales coaching was minimal, and there was no structured two-way review system between sales managers and the team.

7. Inadequate Training Initiatives:
Profound lacked consistent internal or external training initiatives, hindering skill development and adaptation to industry changes.

8. Poor CRM and Sales Activity Tracking:
The absence of a robust CRM system and effective sales activity tracking led to challenges in monitoring and optimizing the sales pipeline.

The TAFSE Approach:

Recognizing the urgency and potential for transformation, Profound engaged The Academy for Sales Excellence (TAFSE) to work closely with their Sales Manager and a team of five sales professionals. The TAFSE team embarked on a comprehensive two-month program aimed at addressing the identified challenges and optimizing sales performance.

Key Achievements within Two Months:

The collaboration between TAFSE and Profound yielded remarkable results, showcasing the efficacy of targeted sales training and consulting. Within a span of two months, the following accomplishments were achieved:

1. Strategic Sales Calls:
TAFSE facilitated 132 targeted sales calls to B2B accounts, establishing a robust foundation for engagement and relationship-building.

2. Sales Qualified Referrals:
The focused efforts of the sales team resulted in 21 sales qualified referrals, indicating a heightened level of interest and trust from potential clients.

3. New Client Onboarding:
TAFSE’s intervention led to the onboarding of 5 new clients, a testament to the improved sales strategies and processes implemented during the program.

4. Generated Sales Deals:
The sales team successfully generated 14 new sales deals, showcasing their newfound ability to convert leads into tangible business opportunities.

5. New Sales Revenue:
Profound witnessed a substantial increase in sales revenue, totaling AED 178,874 within the two-month period.

6. Lead to Sale Conversion Rate:
One of the most notable achievements was the significant improvement in the lead to sale conversion rate, soaring to 67% compared to the historical average of 20%.

Quantifying Return on Investment:

The success of any business intervention is often measured by its return on investment (ROI).

In the case of Profound’s collaboration with TAFSE, the results were nothing short of impressive. Within two months, Profound experienced an exceptional ROI of over 496%. To put it simply, for every AED 1 invested by Profound with TAFSE, they received AED 6 in return.

This substantial return on investment underscores the tangible value delivered by TAFSE’s sales training and consulting services. The transformed sales team at Profound not only met but exceeded expectations, positioning the company for sustained growth and success in the competitive Dubai business landscape.

The TAFSE Advantage:

The success of this collaboration can be attributed to several key elements of the TAFSE approach:

1. Tailored Training Programs:
TAFSE’s training programs were meticulously tailored to address the specific challenges faced by Profound, ensuring a targeted and effective intervention.

2. Focused Coaching:
The inclusion of one-on-one internal and field sales coaching proved instrumental in enhancing the skills and capabilities of the sales team.

3. Strategic Sales Strategy Development:
TAFSE worked closely with Profound to identify and fill gaps in their sales strategy, processes, and performance management, resulting in a more robust and effective approach.

4. Two-Way Communication:
The establishment of a structured two-way review system fostered open communication between sales managers and the team, facilitating continuous improvement and alignment.

5. Comprehensive Training Initiatives:
TAFSE implemented consistent internal and external training initiatives, ensuring that the sales team remained well-equipped to navigate the evolving business landscape.

6. CRM Implementation:
A robust CRM system was introduced and effectively implemented, providing Profound with the tools needed to track and optimize their sales activities and pipeline.


The collaborative journey between Profound and The Academy for Sales Excellence (TAFSE) stands as a testament to the transformative power of targeted sales training and consulting.

The achievements within a short span of two months highlight not only the dedication and expertise of the TAFSE team but also the commitment of Profound to elevate its sales performance.

As Profound continues to enjoy the fruits of their investment with a remarkable ROI of over 496%, the case study serves as an inspiring example for businesses in Dubai and beyond.

The strategic partnership between Profound and TAFSE exemplifies how a focused and tailored approach to sales excellence can lead to tangible, measurable, and sustainable results in a competitive business environment.

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