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So, one of the things that helps a business sustain itself is the ongoing regeneration of opportunities. And today, I have with me Philip Mazloumian, who actually is one of our special consultant partners at the Academy, who’s been helping the Academy For Sales Excellence for the last 2 years. Now, Philip is in and building our awareness and driving the various sets of visibility that we haven’t had. If I don’t know you, please give us a little bit of your background so that we can let our audiences know a bit more about you first.

Thank you for this opportunity. I’m really excited about this and teaching people about it. But yes, I started my career back in 2007. One of those things is perfect timing. That was the area of study that I had but then decided that would do. I was interested in how humans operate in Fulton and didn’t want to go into psychiatry. I was a psychology major at 11. So, I entered the marketing industry. And so I have been in the marketing field for about 13 years.

In 2015. I set up my own marketing agency and ran that for about five years, and then I moved to create a consultancy, and that’s how we came together around two years ago and threw out that journey. I’ve worked for a variety of different organizations, from small startups through SMEs right through to the largest international organisations in the world, and that’s enabled me to see a whole variety of different strategies and tactics on how to generate leads, how to acquire customers more profitably and how to develop systems in marketing.

So these activities are consistent in their results. But they bring forth our clients. So, yeah, that’s a little bit about one of the things that Philip, and a lot of entrepreneurs, SME business owners, are going to want to hear is, you know, how do we get started? You know, I want to improve the visibility of my business and my friend’s to drive more traffic to achieve more. So I know it’s a loaded question, but how can we help our audiences dissect the various elements that are understood?

I think I’m when I meet a number of organizations, especially at the SME level, and they’re not very clear on where they’re going. So it’s hard to develop a strategy when you don’t know the end goal. Generally, in this situation, I would recommend first determining what the ultimate goal for that business is. And, you know, maybe you want to create a company that’s going to be handed down to the next generation for whatever reason, right? Perhaps you’d like to, you know, what business after a few years, or perhaps you’d like to take it public once. You know, first of all, what is the end goal? It’s not just your sales strategy or marketing strategy. Your oldies will align to help you achieve that goal in the quickest time possible. So yeah, I would say, start with the first half of my first clear identification. What is it that you want from business? You know, when you are describing the simple process, is it spots that come to mind, unfortunately, or fortunately?

And, you know, a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs get thrown into the deep end. Maybe they got this place from my job. That something happened. And the only way to actually make it is to start selling their own products and services. And in a way, they bought The Fault and found themselves running a business where maybe they hadn’t had the time to really think about this. You know, when I told Dad I was going to get him a long time ago, I had to turn my vision off. You know, like the concept was to inspire one more person, and what is that? It was just because somebody took the time to share with me some insights that got me to improve my sales and I saw a whole new world open up for me. I saw the possibilities, and I’m forever thankful to that person. I want to share a lot of my insides with other professionals to help them uncover worlds that were unknown to them because of their selling capabilities and improvements to Oaks. I went out with that but then realized, you know, what we know. When will I know? I reached my ultimate destination and that’s where sometimes, you know, realising that more doesn’t necessarily mean better for me, more headaches and less time with family and loved ones, really finding that balance. Is the entrepreneur still pondering, you know, his why? Or just I think you’re your why and how and what do I want as an outcome this week? So now I have decided. Okay, and then let’s say I want to build a business that allows me to self-sell DVDs to the Enterprise in the next five years and be able to exit and, you know, live off the value of the business that I’ve built. In that situation, really, you need to build a business around the needs of the future buyer.

Now, I don’t mean that you must put the value or the benefits of the future bar over the needs of your media customers. That’s not yet and what am I buying into? So if I’m going to buy a business worth five million or ten million, are there systems processes in place that are going to help me justify the investment and is it possible for that business? To go even beyond that, exactly, I mean, if anybody wants to learn more about this, it’s a great book built to sell which delves into this topic in more detail. But yes, you need to be able to show the future buyer or buyers that there are scalable, repeatable, consistent systems that are going to be generating and delivering results, or in this case, cash flow, profitable cash flow, consistently over and over. So without Matt’s infrastructure in place, and you know, you could be a buyer who does not want to see that business is really tight with one individual or a few key individuals, because obviously, those individuals disappear, leave the company, and everything falls apart. If you know what I mean, Maybe the YouTube was on Facebook, where it may be, and it’s in its infancy. Still, there wasn’t much of a population there. And having a YouTube video was like, “How do you know I have a YouTube video when I started as one?” I’m a one-man band.

When I first started doing business, the way that I’ve learned to do this is through the direct sales approach, which is looking at my own owner contact. So who do I know that could be in need of my services? My uniform company, my uniform services So I called some of my contacts that used to work with me at the time for Distributors of Unilever, and one of them actually found out that I was leaving. He’s like, okay. I want you to come and do this for my business. So I had personal contact and one thing that I didn’t get to realise was that I started working and building.

A long time ago, I realised that I could not do everything by myself. I needed to build the network. And that’s when I met our Defender, Phil Bedford, at the ascent event. I invested in learning about the art of referral marketing, and it really, really paid off. So, I think the day I want to maybe go beyond, I think if you’re a business owner, and you know, there’s plenty of green grass.

The first thing that is going to get you covered, and possibly your immediate opportunity, is helping you build your cash flow. However, I think now I want to go. He stepped forward for today. You know, we’re very fortunate. We have more than 45 consultants partnered with the academy, like yourself, and the business is no longer dependent on me as an individual. So what can you tell people that are watching that want to make this shift when they are able to go in? I would say replicating and building scale. So let’s look at least one generation back. Okay, so what can someone do to start improving their visibility in life? Is that Cadillac converter not just to raise awareness among prospective customers? What you said is absolutely crazy. When you’re in the starting phases of a business, generally your resources will be limited. So you have a certain amount of runway which you need to be able to start generating profitable cash lotion as soon as possible. So a lot of people do overlook the fact that they have a gold mine in their phone. Yeah, where they’re at in their contact list, and they really need to start farming. Those individuals create opportunities that can give that initial injection, or that initial pulse. And just to say that the biggest fantasy out there is that there are people who think, you know, I don’t want to put my friends or family on the spot. I don’t want to be abused in the relationship, and I’ve told everyone that you won’t trust me.Actually, your friends and family will be hit by themselves.

Are you going to kick yourself in the buttocks when you realise that they have actually just bought a product or service that is similar to yours? And it wasn’t yours. You know, I tried to catch up with you. You actually shared the story, back in the days when you were. Yes, something nice towards the door, and I’m one of your colleagues. He had a family member whom he decided not to contact for this very reason, and then, a few days later, he came into the office to see that one of his cars was parked there. Legs had also known that family member. I made a sale. So yes, this is the guy who thought it was one of my states before. It was the guy’s uncle, who’s a doctor. So he has lots of Moolah, lots of money and the person, and also the other rapper, who is his neighbor. I just want to know if Uncle Uncle’s door And the guy said, okay, come over, and he didn’t know his nephew was actually selling products, and they lost an opportunity just because he decided to wait, you know, so for sure, time is of the essence here to make this sad and understandable. I don’t. So once you get past that initial phase, there’s a whole system in a frame that they can build just to maintain that, but I think we’ll go a little bit further because every business is so different in every sector. They operate so differently that there is no one silver bullet in terms of a strategy. But there are a few things that I would recommend. One of them is if your business affairs competition in your sector, which most likely there will be more time or if it’s happening, what you can do. You don’t necessarily have to reinvent the wheel. So if there is a competitor that’s doing very well, if they seem to be generating leads, if they seem to be making strong sales and adding value to their customers, you can analyse what they’re doing. Identify their strengths and weaknesses and the marketing tactics they use. They’re using the sales strategies that they’re using, and then see if you can model and leverage those for your business.

And obviously, if you can find ways of improving on what they’re doing while incorporating that to differentiate your business, that’s why you don’t just want to be a direct loan. But yeah, that is a tactic that a lot of SMEs don’t do in their early years. They’re trying to experiment and learn everything from scratch. They’re reinventing the wheel, and that is a very, very costly exercise. So the concept of muddling is really something brilliant. I think this is today, that is not reinventing the wheel on how many things, you know, whether it’s a sales strategy or marketing strategies.

And the key is, you know, guys, constantly improving, whatever works. How can we make this simple innovation work? Innovation is not about reinventing the wheel, making it a little bit better and finding these little tweaks there. So maybe you can take us through a difficult journey that would encompass helping a business owner and ensuring that they are moving on the right track. So maybe a bit more of the genetic sales funnel marketing funnel that can eventually drive revenue can be understood. And I think the first thing you have to do is crack the egg, and it’s a little bit of a chicken egg. So you have your target audience. But then again, you also have the service that you’re offering. So you have to determine, and sometimes you have to build this out together, but you need to understand who your target audience is, match that to the right service, and then understand the factors that motivate these people to buy. That’s critical, and then you also determine the factors that would motivate someone to buy. Let’s say I’m selling I-40 for that matter, you know, where recruitment services are today. A lot of people are just setting up their own. I’m sending out and I’m selling recruitment services to what I think are the factors that would motivate a yard manager or a department to get the right candidates moving forward.

So in a situation at surface level B, they need to hire new individuals. Okay, but if you dig a little bit deeper, why are they losing individuals in the first place? So this is what I mean by what are the factors? Motivating buyers? And another example is very common allergies. Why do people buy a drill to be safe? Because they want to put a hole in the wall. Okay, that’s the surface level. Why do they want to put a hole in the wall? Because I want to hang up a picture. But even that’s just a surface-level go that deep. But why do they want to hang a picture of the wolf? It is because maybe they want to experience a memory. Over and over again. Do you have to really understand your customer and what is driving them to buy? Because it is not messaging. I need to come across in your marketing and this gives you a huge competitive advantage because most of your competitors don’t go there. So you’re actually connecting at the emotional level with your fighter, identifying the feels-good type of an experience from the example of your half of your app painting that you’re hanging out, you know, as opposed to letting you know, I want a picture. So I want a new candidate, but I do not really know what to do if someone is going to come looking for an agency, you know, for what they actually want. They don’t want them. You can do that. They actually want the right candidate, who is going to make a difference on the inside of their organization. So that means they’d look good, right? Was there an internal stakeholder who helped you get us? The right person, and now we have sustainability. Now we have the week, we have, you know, the right elements. That would make me feel good in my job, make me feel secure and motivate me. Let’s say I look good in front of my peers. If that is the DIA, The Way Forward, understood, and then just go back to your question. Once you have the message and place, you need to draw out the journey of these individuals.

How does a person go from becoming a lead to actually making a purchase? What are all the touch points? So, do they use the website, do they speak to another third-party for an endorsement, and do they pick up the phone? Really? Are you busy at work? You have to draw out all the touch points and make sure that the relevant information is there to help them with their buying decision. So if you’re looking at where the customer can interact with the brands, that’s a product or service, whether it’s online or even offline for that matter. The full customer journey, and it doesn’t just stop when they make a purchase, is just the beginning of a very profitable and potentially profitable relationship. And this is, you know, probably better than many organisations or individuals. Even if they make a sale, they enter into this feast and famine relationship, and they stop. But the point is that with that customer, you’ve already gone through the entire lengthy, time-consuming, and resource-intensive process of converting them into a customer. Now, is that where the journey ends? If you nurture them in the correct way, there are many opportunities to market and sell to these individuals. So you keep them loyal over time. of time, and this is what we call customer lifetime value. From a sales perspective, I would be interested in knowing how to expand that. What can salespeople do? increase the customer lifetime value of their opportunities for their patrons. Any ideas when you think of the type of product or service that someone is buying? So, if someone is buying a product that I used to sell that has a lifetime warranty, you know, you think customers would buy a knife with a lifetime warranty. What’s the point of me? Calling the customer again? You know, you bought it and it’s going to last. But even at that young age, you know, I learned that by calling in and saying, “Hi, how are you?” Mrs. Rodriguez or Mrs. Jones? How is the product working out for you now that you have it?

When I was 22, to my surprise, something always happened. Now, man, they are great. It was a wonderful testimony, a wonderful way to rebuild myself, but, you know, and a lot of the time, they’d say, all, you know, what, I know. Someone is getting married. I need to do this, etcetera. I’m glad that you called me. Actually, it was part of the typical life journey for Ashley core customers, right around October time, September, October, and possibly, just saying hi. How are you? I plan to sit out there and say, “Hey, you know, it would be okay to pass by and just say hi and see how the product is doing and possibly even look at.” If there were always a few leveraging, some people might need some of the products for some gift giving. So it’s not, it doesn’t look like it’s a last-minute thing, and I will go ahead and pass by. So I learned at a young age that sometimes calling clients is a great way to get them to come and tell you that there are some opportunities soaking. So, one way is by calling them to ask for more opportunities at 10 ways to call them and just say “Hi.” How are you? I let the conversation flow. So, that’s that, as you as I transition from working in B2C to working with B2B. In the beat of the environment, that is it for me when I call it the “via the Goldmine,” because every relationship you have if you’re selling a product is a goldmine for me. So I started working with Unilever Food Solutions as the head of sales capability building for Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. They had more business than we had, and we had a few hundred excuses. When you’re selling food to an operator, that operator has an ever-changing business, and they change your menu. They have new trends coming up there. If consumer insights and preferences are changing and the menu is static, then that customer business in the restaurant business will suffer. If they don’t change to having an ongoing relationship, coming in to sell a product by coming in, talking about trends, talking about changes is something that they want to do about it.

I’ll give you a story. I was like, “You know, Siri.” Toby’s art is in the GCC markets, and I travel a lot to the Saturday market, and the landscape is changing very fast. A lot of food outlets are opening up in a lot of our clients’ cities. As you know, our food service industry is And, you know, I walked in with a na on a field. We visited with one of these eye professionals, and we walked into this, which is our headquarters, and the representative had a very transactional approach, going in and asking the client to know what they had. You got me the, you know, Chamber of Commerce paperwork approved so that they can open a line of credit. It’s part of the way they do business in this part of the work, and the client said yes, and then the conversation was almost coming to the procurement manager. I asked him if it wasn’t within the scope of what we squandered our time on. And the rap was like, “Oh, don’t worry.” It’s going to be difficult, but we’re going to find a way. And then he stood up and was about to go out. I was like, okay, meeting finished, you know, so I’m standing up front, uniformed, with a quick question for you. I’m not an employee of this organization. I just have a question as a consultant. Have you been coming to stay out here? And I see there are a lot of you out there. That’s opening up. Are you noticing it? What is your company doing to differentiate itself to attract more customers, or two? Maybe enhance it to retain existing customer support.

Increase your spending per customer even more. This is Steve, the marketing manager. The marketing director role is a look at what the rabbi said. You know, are you talking to the marketing director? And he said that he said that. No, I said that. I asked the guy. Would you mind introducing us to him? He said, “No, actually, yeah.” I can definitely do that. I didn’t know you guys did that. I didn’t know you guys did that. So today, when I finish with this, you know, and we will go back to you there. As you mentioned, many people are pleased with receiving their orders today. They’re satisfied with moving the product because the client has a need for it. I think today, this is going to be you can say yes or history. Where? If this is how you do business, you are going to miss a lot of opportunities, and that’s what we want to discuss. So there you have it. I think it’s a separate topic altogether yet. I do appreciate the question. I am, and I would love to make it. We’ll move on to you. And I think you can.

You can be more energy and resource-efficient, which ties into the marketing element of this when you want to stay in touch with your customers. So imagine if you wanted to stay in touch with the customers and one of them bought it on an individual basis. Depending on how many customers you have Kik accounts for, it might be more feasible than other businesses, but if you want to enter into the marketing realm, how to add value to this space is maybe you can arrange an event, for example, and this event can be catered to a meeting. We’re adding value to those key accounts. As soon as a group Maybe it’s possible that the attendees all kick out each other. There might be some value for them individually, not just for you. But because you’ve arranged the men’s, you posted it, and you get that positive publicity endorsement for doing that. So, there are ways of leveraging marketing and sales to get the greatest bang for your time and effort since this was just an idea.

You know, I had one of my clients years ago, maybe 2014–15, Movenpick Lebanon, in Lebanon, where things were a bit stale and there was a marketing director at the time. They came up with a bright idea, she goes wrong. As you know, you’re coming to Lebanon to do a program for a company. And would you mind if we could? You know, I’ll borrow you for another half a day, and we’d like to invite our corporate clients and give him. Give him a program on sales and negotiation. So if we can build goodwill with our clients, a pharmaceutical company is like a fast-moving consumer. Food manufacturers should set a reminder, use the hotel when they hold meetings, and do different things when the market is down.

The hotel comes, and does an event for a uniform. It was for 150 plus individuals. So today, I invited two or three people from each organization. They were able to reach 250-plus organisations, get individuals in the room, and it just made a big bank. Because now the account managers had something to talk about, and they had really goodwill after that conversation to go back to. These are, you know, these clients, and that gets the ball rolling and looking at What is the next event coming up? And all of you, you’re getting my creative juices flowing right now. So I have to expand on this even further.

You can really break these initiatives. In my opinion, there are at least two broad categories: One is why I called it the customer loyalty initiative or program. And this is about how you get that client to stay loyal to your business. So how do you keep them from going to a competitor, retaining their business and possibly even cross-selling and up-selling to increase the value of that client’s business? The second activity is why I called the referral program the referral program, and this is where you can make those happy clients. to introduce you to like-minded, similar business individuals, so they match your target audience and it or they just slow it down.

So, I am speeding up the wholesale cycle because now Not only are you getting a lead, but it’s very warm. makes that first customer lifetime possible. Customer growth exponentially because they’re introducing too many other individuals that will help generate revenue and profit for your business. So, just to touch on this from a marketing standpoint, you can develop these activities, these strategies, and you can incorporate Surfer, for example, and, you know, a lot of people feel the need to call up a customer and then for different generation referrals as I can. I have, you know, some details of people that might be in need of a service. However, you can streamline that. What if your team created a landing page? For example, which explains the benefits and features of a referral program for your company, And all you have to do is send that link to your happy place. to enter the customer’s name into the deep If they want to connect you with someone, they will eventually take your information and store it in a database, streamlining and making everything much more efficient. There are many ways that the sales and marketing teams can work together.

And I think here, if we were to remove that last thing you said, having a streamlined process, the old approach, the direct sales approach during insurance, or if you didn’t learn any of the business, selling me know that it’s a typical thing, a very normal thing, like my service. Here’s where you can really help me out. As you know, I can only volunteer the old knife days. I can only show products at Costco today, but I know why I’ve been referred to. I usually don’t like to go knocking on doors. Nobody wants to open it. I don’t want to go cold-calling people, you know, the annoying, annoying people. Because we know it wasn’t you. So I can only show products. By word of mouth, I can only continue working by submitting three photos. So, who do you know, you? It would be nice enough and kind enough to at least want to take a look at my product and service, not buy it, because nobody knows if they want it or not if they don’t say it. Although I believe this has to be in place. So today, a lot of people are afraid to ask about talking with Alan yesterday. One of our consultants, and that topic came up again.

People are not comfortable, and they don’t have the knowledge and skills. So, I believe that is number one. I’ve got to make that a habit. Imagine that in conjunction with what you said. So actually, we have a referral program for the academy that might have two or three things in terms of why did we come up with that? And, and, and maybe the steps and stages that got us to where we are right now know about this new store. So if they’d like to, you know, share the inspiration one more time, the principle of sharing what you learn with others That’s how you could do that.

I think you have to break it down, and I think there are two components to a successful referral strategy. The first part is for most clients. I mean, if they need as many clients to enjoy the services of a company, why aren’t they giving referrals automatically? Yeah, so you can probably break that down too. Are they adequately motivated to do so? And willingness: are they able to do it and are they willing to do it? So that’s the first part of the second part, which is in terms of what their fear is in terms of giving you a referral. So, you know, typically we say humans are motivated by pain or pleasure.

And with that being said, my pain is usually a more powerful motivator than pleasure. When you develop the referral program, you really have to take these factors into account. And to give an example, with the academy for sales, we don’t just incentivize the client to give a referral. We also incentivize the new lead to actually want to partake in or investigate the services offered by the academy. So you need to make sure that you understand the psychology of both parties in that dynamic and extrinsic motivation. And I think the extrinsic reward for the financial reward we have in place really isn’t going to make someone stand up and do it. I think the financial reward is kind of a sign of good. Good good. We’ll probably probably for the recipient more than for ourselves, for the giver, and a lot of time in our case. The givers are incentivised to stay connected with the economy. So to keep consuming content, keep consuming courses, and keep learning and getting better and better as an individual, I think here, you’re not going to stop your day job. I recommend individuals. Do you know how to learn more about improving their sales?

However, I think here, you know, if you care about others, if you want to continue learning, we want to give something back to you and say thanks, and that drives added value on both sides. So, so that’s that. Then you can definitely access the link and if you’d like to send some referrals or let people know about our products and services and how they can sell more and better, go ahead and make that introduction. We can even include the referral link. If people want to see how we structure our referral program, we can include it, probably in the description.

Phillip, Thank you for number four. I think this is really good because I believe today, every business owner and entrepreneur, or maybe a low-hanging fruit, can start what we started in terms of health by creating a process in which their team and themselves can use this lead generation mechanism and their leveraging of existing relationships to actually try to watch the cultivate fertile ground as opposed to going to completely, you know, cold ground and trying to warn people up here eventually, but now that we’ve done that, lady, can you share with us some insights in terms of what could be some ways that once this is in place than hot?

How do business owners become entrepreneurs? Go about generating leads and moving for sure. And just before we do, I want to quickly add, some people might say, “won’t.” Let’s just start generating new leads, say, through other activities and marketing activities. Before, you may have looked at customer loyalty and referral programs, but I would always stress first that you should actually develop that customer loyalty and referral program in the beginning. Because what happens is, as you expand into other marketing activities to generate leads, that’s just going to keep five more fuel on the fire. You build a factory now that can handle and then expand on every lead and customer that comes through the business. So you know, it’s a very profitable venture to build out.

There is enough when it comes to generating leads for any business. I know this is frustrating for people to hear, but there is not one for that fitsole. It’s not that there aren’t a variety of different tactics ranging from public relations to traditional advertising, online marketing, and lead generation search engine optimization. Social media advertising is very, very popular. Now, the number of platforms that are out there is just that: it is just that. And where do you start? Another challenge in the space is that when business owners go online trying to determine where they should put their time, effort, and money to generate leads, they are bombarded with all this information from organisations that just naturally have an agenda.

They’re trying to sell them and promote their service, but for the average business operator, they just don’t know where to start. So really, this ties back into the modelling aspect. Look at what other companies are doing as a hint as to because I’m sure they have walked the path before you and have experimented in these different activities and have figured out the ones that generally have workout vests or not. So he just has to still put in your analysis and your testing.

You know, I know, we have learned a lot, and we have to be muddled and be faster in our approach to achieve what we have achieved. And I think, and this is a beautiful point to mention, that generally, people will invest in a marketing sales activity thinking that it’s a one-off expense that will generate returns straight away, or at least a magic bullet, you know, I’m going to just use this, you know, 20, 30, 40, whatever, $50,000, they’re X, etcetera, and it isn’t going to bring them, it’s going to live happily ever after. I wish it was. I really do. And I need to tell everybody. That’s why I generally think businesses have to have such a high failure rate because to be able to record the results, analyse the results, and identify what you should do next moving forward, this process of executing, analyzing, and repeating and selling is lengthy and resource intensive.

But the point I want to make is that there is not enough business. Operators actually measure the results of what they’re doing. Many business operators complain about not having a clue about their financial position, never mind their marketing. And so what happens is that they get frustrated with third-party suppliers who might have hired a whatnot when really they need to learn first in order for a pilot to fly a plane. They need instrumentation. I need to know the altitude, their speed, and the same thing with marketing. You need to know how much traffic is coming. Your website on a monthly basis. You need to know the conversion rate.

For example, you’re either in your physical stores or on your website, and you. Fancy software. This is Another Day quotes and incorrect, and you do not need fancy software. A Microsoft Excel sheet, you know, with the months along the x-axis, or a Google sheet, is more than sufficient to get started; then just start analysing data. Exactly. Exactly. And by the way, this doesn’t just apply to marketing; it also ties into sales, and the lead has to be handed over to sales. And for many businesses, what we see in the marketing world is that the marketing team, if they’re competent, can reach the point where they’re generating leads for their client, but the client gets frustrated that they’re not able to close those leads.

And this is why the two departments really have to work hand in hand. Sometimes this highlights to the business operator that you don’t really have a marketing problem. You could have a sales problem and be extremely well-known to people. First, they diagnose, and I can see that the sales of the problem. That’s usually the root cause, that we need more, we need more money. So, then they, you know, depending on where they’re getting their information from, to Mighty’s fault that this is a marketing-related issue, more or not. We discover that she has a sales issue, which once fixed, can be leveraged to expand through effective marketing. You know, Phillip time. I’ll build on that by saying that there are cases where the sales professional calls the lead and they haven’t even read the bi. Let’s save the banner ads, or people won’t even know about the promotion and then wonder why they are not converting.

I became interested in contacting the centre for XYZ meaning. When I think it’s called by the safe professional, it’s, you know, north and south, or east and west, and that really, again, proves that marketing and sales have to work together. And the closer that is to Diane, and I would say that the more consistent the sales approach is to the marketing of what piqued the potential client’s interest, the more consistent it becomes. The more things work out between phone calls, emails, and personal interests, the better. Then you might as well. That really is another thing, and if I can just say, just to be more specific, you might have an SME at a smaller stage.

Is there a one-man or one-woman show? So they are the marketing people. They are the sales people. As a result, their marketing and sales activities are completely aligned. But as you start, you know, especially if they are about five years old or older, they have a product or service that is in demand. And so when sales are relatively consistent, operators might start to not flee to higher salespeople or they might hire marketing people, whatever it be, but really, whenever they’re the ones signing the checks to make an investment, they should really take ownership of educating all the relevant people, not just sales and marketing. By the way, sometimes it can be the reception. I can be the delivery team. But, whatever, for now. They need to be fully educated. And what is being promoted by the businesses so that everybody is found? There’s no income.

There’s nothing worse than approaching a business. And there’s inconsistent messaging between touch points. A great man. For those leads, on occasion, some people could be windows. Some people might not necessarily become customers for life. So, any tips on how to generate leads with the mint? So, you know, I remember working with Honeywell. For example, I won’t say which country, but they had a situation that led to them coming in. However, the sales people complain that the person is not ready for this product or service, or they vaguely have an understanding of what we do. This is not a high-quality qualified lead. So in this situation, there are solutions and tools that can be used. From my experience, the listings that are usually the best are usually those that I just want to look at and maybe talk about.

People use Google very commonly when they have a problem that they’re trying to solve for gold or trying to achieve, and if you take things into your own hands, you will get help from Google. They have the dominant market share of search engines. They have the majority of the market share in most places around the world. Now, what’s very nice about Google’s technologies without making things a bit too complex? Is what you’re typing a sentence, whether it’s a question or you already know the answer? Put in a statement. Whatever the case may be, Google now has a list of common cold eeze keywords. It has tools such as Google ads and YouTube, which it owns. If you can research, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, but the whole point is that your target audience will be searching for phrases and keywords. With what we call “keyword research,” if you can research, what are the most commonly searched for terms related to your product or service?

You can then actually commit resources to advertising, like Google ads or YouTube ads. And those eyes will appear when, once again, those high-value key words have been entered into the relevant search engine. What happens now is that you’re not just guessing and a person may be looking for a bed, but being put in bed. If someone types in bed, you can acquire a desire to buy a mattress, and then maybe it will be that somebody puts in an inquiry. But the issue is not spending the day buying a mattress. Maybe they’re getting back pain. For example, do it. Maybe they need a chiropractor, but not just any man; you’ll have to do some research to find out. What are the exact keyboards relevant to air mattresses or back pain? How do I fix it? But you want to make sure that you don’t waste money. You want to make sure that the key words that you use are more specific to your product or service. Now, what’s very common is that we have people saying, “Okay.” What about social media? What about social media? And yes, it’s very important and lots of people are detracting from it. And there is one caveat for those special people that want to advertise on social media, generally across the social media platforms.

When you advertise on them, you are doing so based on your demographic targeting. So you’re putting in the countries that you want your eyes to be seen in, maybe the age ranges, and yeah. That doesn’t necessarily tie into demand yet. So maybe the right people, your target audience, are seeing your communication. Yes, they’re not on the market as of now. Let’s go back to the bed example for us, the chiropractor. And in this case, you know, everybody could utilise this service, but if your back is not sore or you don’t have it, you won’t be in, you won’t be hunting out a chiropractor.

So this is what gives Google and YouTube a little bit more of an advantage compared to, say, other social media platforms. Yes, you can build awareness, but you can also go 2 wireless on Google and the other on YouTube. At the same time, you can target people that are more likely to purchase your product or service because of this keyword targeting. So again, I’m not saying either one is bad or good. Yeah, but generally from experience at Focus, putting your resources into it, at least initially. On platforms that have this key, they were targeting where you could actually leverage intent demand.

So, once again, as Fierce stated, if you’re going to spend money, how can you get a faster return on your investment? Because the other approach is more of a long burn. So it doesn’t mean it’s one or the other is not. He is probably going to do some here and also eventually do some on the other side. But by the time one starts to get results, the other one might be able to generate some action and drive somebody there. And if I can just try this and get into sales, this is very common. I think there’s overlap here and in the sales function as well, because you see, a lot of salespeople, especially near the end of the month or end of the quarter, when their target is, do you know that they start trying to find business, do you know that their needs increase, and they put their time and energy in the wrong areas, so maybe you can share some ideas.

There were sales, people, or businesses hounding me for business, and there is something operators can do to focus their sales efforts more on filling up. The question you’re asking is, what can someone do to help achieve their target at the end of the month? Or what can someone do in general? Drive activities that represent the 24 hours in a day and how you allocate your time and efforts on a consistent basis. What can people do? So in marketing, you can focus on activities that have those keywords to make sure we’re talking to people that have the most intent as salespeople or businesspeople. Operator That looks like after sales. What can they do? Okay, I think what comes to mind for me is an existing customer sold today. If I have a client client base, those are buying consumables, right? So, my 80/20 rule means that 80% of my business is coming in. So yeah, 80% of that is coming from 20% of my customers. So, am I influenced by my bass, and am I playing the most effective offense? a defense.

Am I seeing the multiple stakeholders’ decision makers within the buying units of the clients that I’m visiting? Have I done all my research on the best herbs to better understand? Where could there be gaps or caps in adding value to my clients through whatever product or services that I am offering? So today, I mean, if you were to look at something basic, let’s look at the restaurant. Faro Restaurant will have an AAA menu. The menu has an appetizer, a main dish, side dishes, and beverages. So today, if I look at the trends, this is why the customers of the restaurants are coming to the outlet. They want to consume something; they want to know what’s new, and this newness is what attracts more customers. So today, we know that vegans have their eyes on the rise today. We know that. Healthy options are on the rise today. We know that there are, you know, all these new trends that are being ignored and that are basically cornering and stuff. So, it’s your rear that you are becoming instead of what somebody else is looking for. So if my services and products include things that I can put in the appetiser or breakfast, or in the main dish, or the side dish, or so, I need to see where there are gaps in my clients’ offerings and then be able to show them how this can help them and be more relevant to their customers. And as long as the operator, the client is seeing value, you know, I tell you, I know one of my clients was telling me this because I’m as, you know what, you’re right. I have this client, this friend of mine who works with the distribution company, who is hated by this customer, but when the sales person walks in, because he’s a specialist in this seafood area, the customer describes the fish as “nosed”. This person cannot be ignored by the customer because he will go in and educate the customer on what could be better. What’s on the menu for avoiding seasonality is a nap after my SIM cards and things like that. So the rap is definitely bringing his product knowledge and industry knowledge as competitive knowledge is insight into offering those to a client, not to me.

How can you say no when someone is coming in with such a valuable thing for me? If the customer receives value from the state professional, that customer is going to want to continue doing business with me. It’s making sure that, as a sex professional, you hit your goals and targets. She better be up to the, you know, up to speed with your content and your knowledge so that you can add value to your clients, dude, existing clients, so that you can optimise your entire portfolio and you’re standing on a whole different set of fonts than the 80/20. I’m glad you did because I think it’s important for people that don’t understand, and there was a tropical feel to it. Loretto. And he discovered that 80% of the land within his property within his area was owned by 20% of the population.

Now, throw that storey out. That’s not even the point. The point is that there is this general observation where 80% of effects are tied to 20% of causes. So, as a market operator, if you want to generate more leads, reduce the sales cycle, or optimise your spend, whether in marketing or sales, you can now look at the data that you’ve gathered over the course of your business’s operation and run what school to porretto analysis. And I highly recommend that to people. We know they can do a quick search on YouTube about this and find many examples where you can identify which are, for example, the countries that have the 20% of countries that give you the most orders or the 20% of companies that give you the shortest week of the 20% of the sales people that generate the most revenue, as you can see from Great-granny Lartey when doing this threat analysis. Now, once you know who these 20% are, you can ask yourself: how do we get more of that 20% and less of the 80%? By buckling down and focusing on that 20%, you’ve got the greatest chance of clarity. 20% will have certain characteristics of clarification.

So we’ll find that if there is a certain size of organisation with specific needs and specific requirements, we seem to be in a sweet spot. So that analysis can definitely be a tool for helping professionals hit their goal. So, once you do this analysis, you’re protecting your face, making sure you’re providing value to customers, and then making sure that if you’re going to continue attracting new customers, you’re talking with customers who are more likely. We called them the ICPs, or ideal customer profiles. And then, and then, I’ll build it up to say, “You know what, then it’s a good thing. “It’s a numbers game, really.

So, you know, you’re prospecting, presenting, and following up on Inferno’s presentation, then negotiating, and then, if you know, you are percentages. If you need, let’s say if you have a 40% conversion ratio from the time of need, the TV will be closed. And you need to hit a certain number of the average deals. The essay is worth $25,000, right? Then 25, do you have 10 inquiries or do you have to start with those opportunities so you can vote for them? So that’s 4. * 25 is going to be a hot 1045 for the month. If your goal is 150 thousand, well.

You know, you definitely need to ensure that there are 10 opportunities instead of 45 more opportunities that you work with so that the numbers work themselves out. There’s a whole, I would say, science behind what we’re looking at today. Some people are happy with it. And I have successful businesses with a 10% conversion ratio going from coldness or even lower than that. So there are many things that a person can do or a professional can do to improve their efficiency. Looking at it as a simple example, I believe that could be an entire topic for discussion. As you are aware, a cold can cancel an appointment with someone, and some people do not leave it to chance to call someone without having a half-life. How do you connect with these individuals? Can you drop that off and relax their fears and increase their level of trust? So they would want to give you an appointment over the phone.

You are a protist doing that, and I keep struggling. It is actually the easiest way to increase sales. If you look at the funnel, the goal is to increase the top number rather than the bottom numbers. Phone skills would improve the number of appointments. You have to go to them, as well as everything else that comes with them. So that is my best offer of insider information on that work. From a marketing standpoint, some metrics that are frequently overlooked are not the number of leads or clients, but the amount of money that goes into acquiring each lead and client, which is why it is critical to measure all of these metrics across your business, the full moon. Starting a sales funnel is something you won’t be able to analyze.

All right, maybe this person became a customer, but have you spent more money trying to acquire this person? Then they actually bring him in. Yes, and I’ve seen this many times before, and companies can understand why their profitability or their cash flow is suffering because they place so much emphasis on marketing, which is great, but they’re not doing it profitably. They’re not focusing on how much money they’re spending to get to Leeds by looking at the conversion rates. And then, obviously, how much money does it cost to convert between the acquisition and the two ties in your ear?

Make an early mention of the closing racing conversion rate. Sometimes you need to really emphasise increasing the closing rates because that will fix the other metrics. And that is where you need to have a better understanding of sales. Because I always say that really is one of the core drivers of improving the closing rate. So I’ll leave that point to you. So, as a way to whine and whine down our conversation, Philipp has found this to be extremely useful in providing our audiences.

You know, we found, you know, we’ve had the motor to help you sell more quickly. And probably, I think we’re going to add, we help you attract more customers so that you can help. We can help you sell more, sell faster, and fuck the police. So, Philip Once more, it’s a fantastic time. A person who had to bring in value from marketing lead generation into any type of business was having difficulty.

 Feel free to reach out to us and we would be happy to have at least a quick analysis to better understand. Could there be a way for us to add value to you at the start of your stay and move things out of it?

Philip, thanks a lot for shedding a lot of your great wisdom and great insights. So I’m going to start today by sharing these with our audiences.

I believe we’re bringing in additional like to the equation, and that is to help you stand more quickly than possible. Maybe. Maybe you might need to look at it. Are you able to generate more opportunities to get them in the final and drive things forward? And if I can just add, very commonly, from my experience, people believe they have a marketing issue. Yes. It’s true. That is definitely an area that can be improved, but 99% of the time, it’s the lack of a clear understanding of how to do sales, both in terms of the knowledge and skill standpoint, as well as in terms of a framework protest on point. This really will cripple the business because there’s no point in pumping a lot of water through the top of a funnel when there’s a blockage. In the funnel, it’s a waste of money and resources.

So I do stress people, and I don’t just mean business owners and salespeople. I was told to contact marketing executives as well to learn about sales. It really is the skill that will release that funnel and allow the leaves to close consistently if you want to break free of the feast and famine.

So, yes, thank you for everything you do, and then I highly recommend that people do invest in this area. I think we are one or two conversations away from getting what we want, either. We either know how to have them or we don’t. And that’s what we’re talking about all of this today. People leave their selling skills to chance, and they have no idea. You know, where is Brian Tracy describes the adventure in words, and they’ll see what comes out of it. They wonder. Why didn’t the clothes stay on? They had the ability to do so much suckage.

Absolutely. It’s really a balancing act, that’s for sure. You know, great, great inside. So, once again, I’m assisting you in selling more, some faster than possible until the next time. If you need the best sales training, call us now!

Ramez Helou

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