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Does your surroundings affect your success?

Of course it does. 

And I remember many years ago, my son came to me, said:

“Dad, I can’t study in this environment or I can study here, I need to be there.”

Why does this happen? 

Because there are certain factors that actually will affect your ability to achieve what you want to achieve.

Whether it is simple distractions, whether it is just the environment. 

So, what I’m going to talk about today is your success in sales is highly dependent on the environment that you’re in. 

Whether it’s your direct environment at work or you’re indirect environment out of work. 

I’ll give you an example. 

At work, of course, you are working with colleagues, with your leaders, with your boss or coworkers. 

And how was the environment there? 

What type of conversations are you having? 

Are these conversations pulling you up or all of these conversations pushing you down? 

Are they encouraging or this discouraging?

Well, same thing, I think it was Napoleon Hill, who said something like:

“You are the average of the five people you spend your time with.” 

So if you’re not happy or if there’s any aspect in your life you’re not happy with, don’t blame yourself. 

Look at the environment, look at the people that are forming, that you spend your time with, and he said something like:

“Your health or wealth or relationships can only be as good as the health and wealth relationships of the five people that you spend your time with”

So they can definitely impact your outcome.

So, the environment is key. 

Your environment is key today. 

So, what must you change about your environment in order for you to get more of the things that you want to have, that you want to get? 

A few things you can do is you can choose what to put in your environment. 

You can choose the people you want to spend time with. 

And at the bare minimum, you can choose the books you read, you can choose the audio programs you listen to.

You can choose through discipline to do the things that you know you should be doing when you should do it so that you can achieve the things that you really want to achieve. 

So until next time, choose your environment wisely. 

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Ramez Helou

Ramez Helou

CEO and Founder
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