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Phil Bedford

This is so much powerful information [Sales Professor Ramez Helou].

Given Covid-19, what would you say has been your most successful product or change that has made the biggest difference to your market?

Sales Professor Ramez Helou

The one thing I believe would be the coaching of sales behavior and building of successful sales habits.

Think about it, imagine every time you had to drive a car, what would it be like if you forgot what to do, and had to go back to zero?

You’d be too nervous right?

You’d get frustrated every time you had to drive a car.

Unfortunately, for many people, when they are in front of their customers, they’re experiencing this same process and are having a new adventure with their selling process panicking.

In order to sell, you have to execute consistent sales behaviour and this comes from practice and habit.

You have to plan, research and identify your customer needs.

The more you plan and identify their needs, the less you’re going to have to negotiate.

Many of my Fortune 500 clients think that just because they have big brands, that their sales will still come automatically.

They become complacent when it’s time to plan, research and identify their customer’s needs.

It’s typically at this moment when a new competitor comes in and they’ll just steal your market share getting rid of you.

In summary, I help selling professionals realize that to sell is to serve.

You can generate opportunities based on a conversation and listening to the client rather than just doing what you’ve always done.

There’s loads of companies that have been rather complacent for a long time and now over the last couple of years they’ve really had to step up.

Selling is a mental sport.

The more you practice, the more you’ll come to know, and the easier success will come.

Phil Bedford

You know, I ended up as a top salesperson in my career, but the interesting thing is that I’d never done sales training.

I remember attending one of your programs eight or nine years ago now and I remember walking out thinking why did nobody tell me this before?

Even though i’ve been the top salesperson, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

I can only imagine how much more I would have sold if someone had invested in me as an employee years before, but of course, unfortunately not enough companies invest in sales training.

This means that they as companies are earning less as a result.

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