By Munene Nel

These are unprecedented times, something no one could have predicted.

These are unprecedented times, something no one could have predicted. Professor Ramez Helou, owner, and founder of The Academy of Sales Excellence and a Professor at Hult International Business School. He had the foresight to see and capture the main principles of what sales professionals and business owners could apply to avoid being caught up in a downward spiral of defeat. In conducting daily webinars and teleconferences, with many different sales professionals in different industries, it became evident that sales professionals saw a shift in how their clients were reacting to them. The allot being more receptive and open to give the salesman an opportunity rather than having another door shut.

Work remotely and stay connected. Sell and pitch in difficult times.

“Every day you don’t talk to your customers, your business is as good as closed ” Ramez Helou-. This concept literally boils down to the saying “out of sight, out of mind” and how much more relevant is it now to be engaged with your customers! As the number of days started growing on the lockdown counter, we realized that working remotely could be a new platform for us to connect with each other in the immediate future. Applications, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, have been inundated and saw incline in users worldwide.  This has brought us to a new way of marketing and selling our businesses, reaching a wider audience, and changing the way we engage with each other.

Become a source for your client 

“If you are not educating yourself on becoming a resource for your client, somebody else will” Ramez Helou. It is a hard pill to swallow to realize that your customer is still buying. However, the question has to land with you is that. If they are not buying from you, then surely someone else is selling to them? This is surely not a comforting thought and the question came to mind as to how is it possible to unlock empathy with your customer to gain his trust?

First, let people like you and trust you

People buy from people they like and trust! Your customer must like you before he trusts you. So, ask yourself are you relatable, do you make them happy, and do they like engaging with you? Building trust is a process. People will trust you once they see and understand that you are a valuable resource to them. That means you are sincere, and that your products are being seen as solutions to their problems rather than satisfying your own need on selling to them.

Professor Ramez Helou has surely captured the main concerns. For that, he summarizes these elements with easy to apply methodologies, tips, and techniques in his weekly webinars.

Be with us and find the answer if – Is it possible to sell and pitch in difficult times?

We look forward to hearing what he will share next!

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