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Certified Business & Sales Leadership Training by Prof. Ramez Helou. 5 Day Live-Virtual Course

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Dear Sales leader,

I’ve been getting many calls from business owners & sales leaders who have been confused and discouraged from the current situation.  They’ve asked me how to generate more sales through their sales team as they seem to be waiting for things to change and are being reactive.

So, they want to know how to sell remotely, accelerate stalled deals, get to the decision makers and how to motivate and inspire their teams to take actions and be accountable for their results.

Let us face it, we are all looking for a quick fix to get our teams back on track but are afraid to spend money on the wrong solutions.

But is it wise to wait and hit the pause button to make immediate decisions that will impact your results?

What long term impact will it have on your business if you do not take charge and allow your team to remain disorganised, wallowing in uncertainty, and overwhelmed by negative forces that are controlling them today.

Mark my words: this will be the Most Important decision you will ever make …

I’ve personally shared the strategies in this program with many fortune 500 clients across 5 continents in 4 languages.  They are proven and tested to bring results.  Previously, clients have paid me thousands and thousands of dollars for this information.  Because now, everybody is asking me for it, to show my support during the current global pandemic, I’ve decided to share these secrets with the public for the first, and probably the last time, at a ridiculous investment on our virtual platform Zoom. By the way, I’ve recently used zoom to deliver an course titled “Influence and persuasion” at Hult Int’l business school in San Francisco, CA (10 classes of 2 hours each) and it scored 4.7 out of 5.0 on the student’s satisfaction index.

Back to our “sales confusion to certainty” program, its lessons have enabled business owners and sales leaders to lead their teams to happily accept the changes you have to make NOW!

It works if:


You need your team to change the current way of working


You need to reprioritize the team


You want to retain existing clients


Your team needs to be more pro-active


Your team needs to take Ownership


You need to re-align your sales funnels activities


You need to hold people accountable to deliver promised results


You want to improve your coaching skills


You want to become a better sales leader and get lasting results

Best Promise of all…

I Guarantee It Will Work the First Time You Try It – Or It is FREE!

Your friend,

Ramez Helou

Owner and Founder of The Academy for Sales Excellence

Professor at Hult International Business School.