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“Discover How You Can Cultivate A Highly Focussed Sales Force In Only 5 Days On Just $45 A Day!”

Message from the Desk of Ramez Helou

Dear Sales leader,

I have been receiving many calls from business owners & sales leaders who have been confused and discouraged from the current situation.  They have asked me how to generate more sales through their sales team as they seem to be waiting for things to change and are being reactive.

So, they want to know how to sell remotely, accelerate stalled deals, get to the decision makers and how to motivate and inspire their teams to take actions and be accountable for their results.

But is it wise to wait and hit the pause button to make immediate decisions that will impact your results?

Mark my words: this will be the Most Important decision you will ever make …

I have personally shared the strategies in this program with many fortunes 500 clients across 5 continents in 4 languages.  They are proven and tested to bring results.  Everybody is asking me for a sure way to support them during the current global pandemic,  therefore I’ve decided to share these secrets with the public for the first, and probably the last time, at a ridiculous investment on our virtual platform Zoom.

 “Sales confusion to certainty” program and its lessons have enabled business owners and sales leaders to lead their teams to happily accept the changes you must make NOW!

Best of all…

I Guarantee It Will Work the First Time You Try It – Or It is FREE!

Your friend,

Ramez Helou

Owner and Founder of The Academy for Sales Excellence

Professor at Hult International Business School.




Cultivate A Highly Productive Sales Force

Training & Coaching Program

(Includes KHDA Certification)

A live virtual learning experience enabling you to identify key areas of improvement, gain internal agreement on effective ways of working to create harmony in the working environment that proves guaranteed results in No Time!

Training Includes


5 consecutive 150 min Live learning session


A free E-book


A Chance to Win a Free 90 min team building experience to Engage, and Kick start your team evolution

Value of $2250

Your one-time investment today $225 only 

or 10% of original investment.


Facebook Support Group Membership


Access to Recordings – Value of $100 per month - Free for 3 months

Limited to 50 business owners/ leaders on this certification program.

Submit your detailed application to see if you qualify.

A Preview of What You Will Learn

  1. Action plans to implement best practices for leading teams.
  2. Charismatic Leadership behaviours and techniques.
  3. Retain existing customers and reach new ones to generate sales.
  4. Deliver powerful stories that lead to immediate buy-in.
  5. The principles of value selling for others to follow.
  6. Extract needs from clients faster though effective Listening and questioning.
  7. Effective sales coaching conversations.
  8. Motivate your team to take actions.
  9. Boost results from medium to top performers.


Your 5 Day Modules Include:

Evolution or Revolution?

Module 1:  

The Sales Leadership Model

  • Lead with why and vision 
  • Lead by example – the 5 levels
  • The Sales Success Formula – the 4 pillars
  • The Sales Leader’s role & success calendar
  • Adopt beliefs and mindset of World-Class Sales Leaders.

Focused Efforts Lead to Focused Results

Module 2:  

Sales Activity Management

  • Diagnose gaps in your sales funnel vs your buyer’s journey
  • Territory and customer management strategies
  • Retain and grow sales with existing customers
  • Attract and reach new clients

Galvanize your team

Module 3:  

Influence and Persuasion fundamentals

  • The Socrates 2,500 years old model that still works.
  • 12 storytelling and charisma principles.
  • The science and laws of influence
  • Influence and persuade remotely & online

Master your Sales Game – only for Sales Leaders

Module 4:  

The art and science of effective sales conversations 

  • Defining Value Selling
  • The art of listening
  • Consultative questioning redefined

Team Motivation and Accountability

Module 5:  

  • Motivation models
  • Intrinsic or extrinsic motivation
  • Holding people accountable
  • Sales coaching simplified


Begin your KHDA Certification process

Modules include stories & examples from actual clients that benefitted by Professor Ramez Helou

The proof is in the Pudding!

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