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Many years in sales, I’ve heard the following quote that made a huge impact on me. 

And it goes something like this:

“There are three types of people in the world. Those that make sales happen, those that watch people make sales happen, and those that wonder what just happened!” 

Hi, my name is Ramez Helou and I’m the founder of The Academy for Sales Excellence, where we simply help you make more sales.

Coming to you with the sales tip of the week, right here from our studio offices in Dubai. 

So, what is the big differentiator between making sales happen and watching sales happen? 

See, people have asked me this all the time and, you know, you think about, is it the skills alone that makes things happen? 

And, the answer is absolutely not. 

It’s not just about the skills, there are lots of people that have the skills to drive a car. 

Yet again, when you see them driving the car, you’re thinking about “how did you get the license?”

Because of that attitude.

When they get behind the car, they just either get infused with a very aggressive attitude or with a very defensive attitude where they’re observing and they’re being cautious of what is around them. 

See, It’s the same thing in selling. 

If you want to make more sales, you can take a defensive attitude where the world owes you something. 

Or you can take a proactive attitude where, “what can I give the world?” 

So the world can give me back. 

See, I have been in situations many times where sales professionals say “this one region isn’t a good region” why?

Because the last sales rep didn’t do well, the one before them didn’t do well, and the one before, before them didn’t do well. 

Therefore the region must be very, very bad. 

Yet, there are people that were so hungry for a job, for an opportunity, that this was the only territory that was given to them. 

And you know what happens. 

Time and time and time again, it’s these people that don’t know any better, It’s not the territory. 

They just said, what can I do to make that territory better? 

And that territory starts giving them the things that did not give to anybody else before them. 


Because of the internal mindset and because they took responsibility upon themselves to take responsibility, to get the results that others were expecting of them. 

So whatever results that you are getting today on the outside, you’ve got to ask yourself:

What am I doing on the inside that is causing these results? 

And if you think you’re not the one causing those results, then I want you to think again.

Because only when you consider that I’m in control, It’s never, don’t wish things get easier for you on the outside. 

Which you get better on the inside. 

And it’s only when you realize, and you ask yourself the question consistently: 

What can I do, and only I do, that can make an impact on the results that I’m getting? 

That your unconscious mind starts giving you the answers that you already know. 

Yet, now verbalizing them to start making it happen. 

So, if you ask yourself right now, what can I do to increase sales? 

Maybe your mind will tell you, you know what Ramez, maybe you should make more phone calls?

Maybe you should qualify the referrals that you’re contacting?

Maybe you should improve on your follow up?

You know what?

The proposal writing skills are not the best, am I actually talking with the right people and so forth and so on. 

All what you gotta do is ask what can I do, and only I, to make my results better?

And when you start asking that question and search for the answers on the inside, that’s when you can start getting the results that you want to get on the outside. 

So until next time, make more sales.  

Ramez Helou

Ramez Helou

CEO and Founder
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