Salespeople are all blaming the economic crisis for lack of sales.

I recently interview Professor Ramez Helou. We discussed leadership, and how CEOs and sales leaders cope and lead in difficult times.

Many of them must face sales objections from their sales staff, salespeople, blaming the economic crisis.

I was expecting Ramez to have a soft and empathetic response to this situation but what he said shook me.

Don’t buy it!

Yes, you heard right.  But why? Ramez explained that there is always a sale happening, either the buyer is telling the seller why he does not want to buy, or the seller is telling the buyer why he should buy by showing him the value that he will gain.

Considering this, who is selling to whom?

In the case of, a sales leader or CEO, ask yourself, is the salespeople selling to you, or are you selling them, leadership, vision, with values, with passion.

Ramez, responds

It is imperative that the leader realizes what is a reality and what is a belief!

The trick is not to distort the two.

Sales leaders and CEO’s need to be more alert now that ever, having said that , this is a time that leaders should hold on tight to the reigns as their value as leaders are being tested and all eyes are on them.

Beliefs change like newspaper heading.

 Besides the obvious of leading and engaging, leaders need to go back to asking WHY! Why are they objecting, where is the negative influence coming from and how can you turn this around into a positive?

This made a huge impression on me, so it is safe to say or come to the conclusion that it is of immense importance that leaders keep an eye on the frame of mind of their sales employees and that they nurture and feed their teams with the right message and support to prosper during times of uncertainty. Be visible, be transparent, and lead by example.

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