Prospect like a Pro, Ask the Right Questions, and Win Customers over Without Stress.

Systematic Selling Strategies is a hands-on coaching and online training program that helps sales teams develop the mindset and skills that make them the trusted advisors customers look for.

Fortune 500 companies all over the world have used it to generate over USD 10 billion in sales, so far. Even when it’s hard to differentiate. Even when their prices are higher. Even when new competitors enter the market. Everyday.

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There’s no doubt about it. The right training program can pay for itself many times over.

As your reps improve their rapport building skills, discover the latest selling techniques and adopt a solution-oriented sales approach…

They’ll no longer need to justify price increases.

Or worry about competitors lowering their rates.

Or struggle to convince customers to buy.

Meeting targets and beating last year’s figures will become the norm – as prospects start seeing them as trusted partners on whom they can rely rather than salespeople pushing a product.

In fact, getting your sales reps to be a part of SSS is hands-down one of the most rewarding things you could do for them.

Which is why we’ve made it our mission to design the most practical and effective sales anywhere.

Systematic Selling Strategies

A sales training framework that’s quick to deploy, easy to manage and relevant to your business.

Lesson 1

Build an empowering sales mindset

Being a rockstar salesperson requires more than just knowing your product or service well.

Highly effective salespeople commit themselves to delivering value and building the relationships that make prospects see them as their trusted partners.

This module helps you:

Make the critical shift from an outcome-based mindset to a process-based mindset so you treat failure and rejections as stepping stones to your long-term sales goals.

Develop a mindset that keeps you open to change, ready to pivot when things don’t go as planned, and that helps you recognise selling possibilities that others may overlook.

Many sales courses show you how to develop a ‘customer-first’ mindset. We do too. 

But SSS also shows you how to translate your new ‘customer-first’ mindset into a two-way sale. Too often customers are willing to buy but companies are unwilling to accommodate.

See how top salespeople master the two-way sale, convincing their employer to accommodate your prospect who wants to buy. So no deals have to be dropped.

Lesson 2

Stay motivated by clarifying your values and goals

Ordinary salespeople focus on products and allow targets to define their success.

Great salespeople define success by the value they add to their customers and by what they give back to the community.

In this lesson you define your goals and tie them back to what you value in life – whether that’s building trusted customer relationships, providing for your family or sharing the knowledge that transforms your team into a winning combination.

Lesson 3

Increase productivity with time management tools

Good time management helps you work smarter, improves work-life balance and reduces stress. 

Achieving more in less time gives you the confidence to demand bigger opportunities, be seen as the go-to person when it comes to closing sales and helps you consistently meet or even exceed the targets you set yourself.

The tools you’re introduced to in this lesson will help you:

  • List and prioritize tasks
  • Set clear expectations and deadlines
  • Make a schedule and stick to it

Lesson 4

Find more sales opportunities with planning strategies

Meetings can get overwhelming as your business grows. 

If you feel like you’re not spending enough time with your most important clients, this module will help you optimize your time and effort.

Get the 6-step strategy for organizing, prioritizing and mapping your customers.

Target the biggest selling opportunities.

Plan your sales visits to make the best use of your time.

    Lesson 5

    Create rapport with online and telesales best practices

    Calling prospects over the phone is tough. Especially if you’re calling for the first time. And what you say is as important as how you say it.

    In this module you’ll discover:

    How to get people you’re talking to for the first time nod in agreement and be more inclined to hear you out. 

    How to motivate ‘warm’ prospects to respond favorably and move them one step closer to a sale.

    How to handle objections over the phone without sounding  like you’ve scored over your prospect or that you’re trying to prove your point.

    What never to say when trying to schedule a meeting and what to say that almost guarantees you an appointment. 

    How to minimize cancellations – what to say when your prospect calls and asks to cancel or reschedule a meeting without giving you a ‘strong enough’ reason.

    Lesson 6

    Develop trusting client relationships

    Successful salespeople know that people buy from those they know, like and trust.

    A foolproof way of doing that is to genuinely care about your prospect’s business and demonstrate that your solution is the answer to their most pressing problems. 

    Discover how to build enduring relationships, how to sell on value and position yourself as the partner that clients rely on in the toughest times.

    Lesson 7

    Propose value through effective needs analysis

    Understanding customers’ needs is key to gaining their trust.

    Salespeople who don’t listen to what’s being said and don’t take the time to uncover their prospects’ biggest pain points don’t stand a chance.

    This module gives you a proven methodology to:

    • Discover prospects’ biggest business worries
    • Develop your questioning skills so you can get them to reveal what’s holding them back without feeling like you’re interrogating them.
    • Improve your listening skills so that you grasp what’s said and what’s left unsaid, and then utilize that understanding to skillfully interject without appearing to be interrupting.

    Lesson 8

    Closing sales sooner by overcoming client objections

    Getting a sign-off is easier when you’re partnering with the client on their buying journey. But closing is a skill that shouldn’t be underestimated.

    Among other things, many deals fall through because salespeople don’t ask for the sale clearly…

    Don’t ask at all and expect the client to sign up automatically….

    Or do not swiftly resolve a prospect’s last-minute concerns.

    This module teaches you:

    • The four incredibly efficient closing strategies that make signing off for your client seem natural.
    • How to overcome last-minute objections tactfully and ensure both parties’ peace of mind.
    • How to conquer any nervous moment while closing a deal (and how to be “in control” even when you feel otherwise).

    Lesson 9

    Maximize deal value with essential negotiation techniques

    Poor short-term solutions create problems in the long run and can potentially destroy relationships.

    Healthy negotiations help you build lasting relationships, deliver quality solutions and contribute significantly to business success.

    In this module you’ll discover:

    • The 5 negotiation skills every successful salesperson must develop
    • What the best negotiators do to maximize their sales success
    • The 3-step process that helps you maximize the value in every agreement you make.

    Lesson 10

    Get more qualified referrals consistently

    Remember the last time a good friend referred you to a business owner? Didn’t take very long for that to convert, did it? 

    Imagine what would your sales funnel look like if you had a steady stream of warm leads flowing in constantly? 

    What would your business look like if the majority of them converted without much effort?

    What would it feel like to hit your sales targets before the deadline every single time?

    This module makes all of this possible. You’ll discover:

    • The 8 sources of referrals (client referrals are only one of them)
    • How to build a pipeline of your most desirable customers – so you never have to deal with those who are a pain to work with or those who don’t pay on time.
    • How to grow a list of referral partners and convert them into your most profitable and reliable source of new business…

    And much more.

      94% of sales executives increase deal closure rates within 60 days of course completion.

      We closed deals worth hundreds of thousand dollars from government agencies and contractors.”

      Anas Alkilani (International Business Manager, Rainbird)

      A unique blend of online training and hands-on coaching designed around your needs and schedule.


      Watch anywhere, anytime

      On mobile, desktop or laptop.


      Designed for the Middle East

      Being unaware of local purchasing practices or a country’s culture can lead to mistrust and serious commercial losses.

      This course will teach you how to sell while keeping Middle Eastern culture and buying practices in mind.


      Live Group Coaching Included

      Even the best salespeople in the world need guidance. Feedback on what to avoid. And what to do more of.

      Imagine what it would feel like to walk into a room knowing that you have the skills and experience to manage the strongest objections and win deals from the most ‘difficult’ of customers. 

      Live coaching and feedback twice a month from the top sales coaches in Ramez’s team can shave years off your learning curve, take the guesswork out of your selling and help you perform to your potential.


      Modular course curriculum

      Gain deep insight into the entire sales lifecycle with 170+ videos. 

      Videos are short (3 minutes on average) to help you digest information in smaller chunks. And retain it easily. Without overwhelm.


      Ideal for B2B Sales

      The course is built upon proven B2B sales practices trusted by Fortune 500 companies globally. 

      And customized to deliver the knowledge and skills sales professionals need to thrive in the toughest market conditions.

      Skills that help them defend margins, exceed last year’s numbers and achieve sustainable growth.


      Get Certified

      Display your KHDA certificate on LinkedIn or show it to prospective employers as proof of your selling skills.


      Create Neurological Sales Habits

      According to the Forgetting Curve, up to 90% of learning is forgotten within 7  days.

      Companies that reinforce training see 20% more sellers achieve sales quotas (source: Aberdeen).

      This course uses the concept of spaced repetition to help learners acquire and retain information indefinitely (source:

      It exposes students to one idea at short intervals by revisiting topics during weekly coaching sessions, ensuring a 90% retention rate and the development of beneficial long-term sales habits.


      Optional 1-On-1 Coaching with Sales Professor Ramez Helou

      Many salespeople waste time on ineffective strategies or techniques not suited to them. Ramez’s monthly 1-on-1 laser coaching teaches you methods to maximize your time, increase your average order value, and close deals faster.

      How SSS is different

      Other online programs

      Are delivered mainly through recorded videos. Students don’t get the opportunity to interact with trainers or have their questions answered.

      Most programs don’t offer certification.


      Live group coaching is an integral part of the course. Students alternate between online training (video-based) and live coaching,<live practice selling skills> every week. 

      Sales coaches answer questions via a LMS within 24 hours of receipt.

      Dedicated coaches are available for questions and address every sales challenge throughout the program.

      Demonstrate your proficiency with a KHDA approved certificate of completion.

      Students say they find the teaching practical and inspirational – and walk away with hands-on strategies to improve their selling ability.

      Charleston Aroz (Business Development Manager – Dan Trading)

      Others testify that they’ve developed the ‘right’ sales habits which have enhanced their confidence, allowed them to negotiate better, and close deals faster – despite the increased competition and pressure to drive prices downward.

      Sales grow automatically when you build the right relationships and adopt a solution-oriented approach that inspires trust.

      10 weeks of sales lessons + live group coaching

      Every week, students alternate between online training and live group coaching. Users say this keeps them motivated, engaged and allows them to clarify doubts.

      Systematic Selling Strategies training

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      I’m Ramez Helou, CEO and Founder of The Academy for Sales Excellence.

      I’ve spent over 30 years in sales and assisting sales leaders, business owners and their teams in improving their selling skills. Skills that resulted in more than USD 10 billion in sales.

      I help them differentiate themselves from the competition. Justify higher rates. Equip their sales teams to overcome the stiffest market challenges.

      I do this by helping them develop the mindset and skills necessary to ‘partner’ with clients  and deliver solutions that solve their most pressing concerns. .

      Over a 100,000 sales professionals across 38+ countries (from Fortune 500 companies like Unilever Food Solutions, Procter & Gamble, and Emerson) will tell you that my training helped them achieve their sales and business goals.

      If you’re finding it harder to achieve your sales numbers and are looking for a powerful training framework that is relevant to your business, easy to deploy and quick to show results…

      This course is meant for you.


      Is SSS suitable for B2B sales?

      Yes, this online sales course is for B2B companies. You’ll gain insightful B2B sales training to improve your virtual selling results. For long-term improvements, ask about the ‘Live Monthly Group Coaching’ and the ‘1-On-1 Laser Coaching with Professor Ramez Helou’.

      Are business owners eligible to join?

      Yes, this online sales course is for small business owners, general managers & other senior management executives involved in B2B sales. Gain consultative sales training to improve your sales results. For long-term improvements, add the ‘Live Monthly Group Coaching’ and the ‘1-On-1 Laser Coaching with Professor Ramez Helou’.

      Can I join if I am a Sales Manager?

      Yes, our sales course is also for sales managers with or without sales teams. You’ll gain insightful B2B sales training to improve your virtual selling results. For long-term improvements, add the ‘Live Monthly Group Coaching’ and the ‘1-On-1 Laser Coaching with Professor Ramez Helou’.

      How much does the course cost?

      Starts from as little as AED 128 per month. Fill in the form at the bottom of the page to download the price list.

      What if I don't see the results you promise?

      Your Investment In SSS Is Backed By A 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

      If you feel you haven’t received the value I promised, during the first 30 days of your purchase, please let me know and I’ll provide you a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked. 


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