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The Art and Science of Debt Collection

Learn how to collect debts amicably without losing your customers

22 Hour Training Program

Designed for Debt Collectors & Credit Managers in the GCC

Ideal for Credit Card, Personal & Auto Loan Debts

Training in Arabic & English

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The Debt Collection Challenge

Retail consumer debt is at all-time highs globally. 

New laws issued in GCC countries restrict classical debt collection. 

Legacy debt collection techniques are no longer as effective.

Debt collection agencies and credit managers are under increasing pressure to deliver results.

They desire to learn new skills and practices that improve:

  • skip tracing results
  • promise kept ratios
  • reduce broken promises
Debt collection challenges
Debt collection ways

There’s now a better way to collect debt without losing your customers

Leading banks are transforming their standard debt collection teams into ‘credit councillors’.

Their goal?

To improve debt collection by leveraging ‘persuasive’ techniques and not ‘aggressive tactics’.

Such persuasive techniques include:


soft skill enhancement


emotional fortitude


objection handling


controlling conversations


influence and persuasion


advanced negotiation tactics


local laws & codes of conduct

Now Available in the GCC
The Art and Science of Debt Collection Training Program

Discover a learning journey that exceeds banking’s debt collection requirements


This 22-hour debt collection training program in Dubai is based on years of practice, research, and international benchmarking.

It introduces a plethora of techniques to help collection teams handle challenging conversations.

Most importantly, it helps teams to collect more debt, faster and protects your company’s key assets; your customers and collection employees.

Debt Collection training program

Who should consider investing in this debt collection training program?

This program is for debt collectors and credit advisors of retail banking products:


Debt Collectors

(Both Internal or Third Party)

Credit Managers

Credit Cards

Personal Loans

Auto Loans


For Arabic & English Speakers

Meet your trainer, Sobhi Akbik

Sobhi Akbik

Sobhi Akbik is a published author, consultant, and professional trainer. He has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the USA. He has more than 28 years of experience, of which, 12 years specifically working amongst senior management teams of the largest debt collection companies within the GCC.

During his tenure as DGM for this debt collection company, he successfully restructured and re-engineered its functional areas with new policies and procedures for all departments, developed operation manuals, worked on improving its contractual relationship with local and international banks, and built strong networks with external collection agencies in Asia, Africa and the West.

At a time when the labour market lacked debt-collection experts, Sobhi Akbik managed to attract talent and build their debt collection knowledge, sharpen their communication and negotiation skills, and to improve their improve their capacity to collect written off debts. Many of his past debt collection students have succeeded to become collection managers in leading banks across the region.

His new and unique training approach and debt collection techniques is recognized by leading experts and high ranking officials at top Saudi banks. Sobhi Akbik is a Certified Member and Trainer at Emirates Association for Management Consultants and Trainers (

He has delivered more than 3,000 training hours and his training programs have been attended by hundreds of senior managers and professionals.

What you’ll learn as part of this innovative debt collection training program:

Credit counselor Mindset

  • Knowledge, skills, and abilities of credit counselors
  • Credit counselor values that differentiate low performers from top performers
  • Common debt-collection errors
  • Wrong practices vs. credit counseling practices


  • Best-practices of tele-collections centers
  • How to make collection calls easier, less scary, shorter, and more effective
  • Know when to make the first phone call or send the right letter out to the customer
  • Opening statements
  • Initiating a collection call
  • Grabbing the debtor’s attention
  • How to control the telephone collection calls
  • Multitasking during a collection call
  • Leaving messages for debtors
  • What comes after the Collection Call/ meeting

Dealing with debtors’ excuses:

  • You will learn what common excuses people give and what you can say to them in order to keep the call moving in the right direction and not going off track. 
  • Efficiency and time management

Emotional Fortitude

  •  Emotional intelligence
  • Empathy vs. sympathy
  • Managing negative emotions
  • Maintaining a positive mindset in stressful conversations
  • Anger management

Analyzing Debtor’s information

  • Analyzing a debtor’s profile
  • Problem-solving techniques

Skip Tracing

  • Preventive measures
  • Local tracing
  • International tracing
  • Social media tracing
  • Database tracing

Influence and Persuasion

  • Vocal variety, tonality and clarity
  • Listening to unspoken words
  • Reading debtors’ temperature
  • Managing one’s emotions
  • Managing debtors’ emotions
  • Negotiation tactics



Noora Al Qahtani

Collection Manager

It was one of the courses that I benefited the most from, every word in it was a gain for all of us. We were also honoured to know Dr. Sobhi and we thank him for this distinguished course and for his interesting and distinguished style in presenting the course. Thank you from the heart


Fatimah Al-Fahd

Senior Collector

One of the most beautiful courses that have been attended. Mr. Sobhi’s presentation was remarkable, the tangible efforts you made left its mark on the recipient


Azzah Ali Ghurmallah Almalki

Senior Collector

All thanks, appreciation and gratitude to Professor Sobhi for the information, support and real motivation he provided us. I was excited for every training appointment because of Professor Sobhi’s style.

Thank you to our administration, for it took from our working hours and supported us to sharpen our experiences grow our strengths. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who contributed to the development of my skills on a professional and personal level as well


Ammar Al-Haddad

Assistant Manager – Collection Legal

I’d like to express my great thanks and gratitude to your honorable person for this most wonderful course, and to be fair, it is not only a course to perform the profession and work, but for me it is a way of life.

I do not exaggerate, if I say I learned a lot in this course. Though I read about emotional intelligence for the first time in 2006 in the Management Course at the university – King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals – and the course was American and in English, but it did not reflect on my professional and personal life

As for now, after the course with you, I will not be exaggerating if I say that now I understand what they meant by emotional intelligence, and I will increase my reading and knowledge in this field, God willing.

In conclusion, I hope that communication with you will not be interrupted after completing this course, as you are a real gain for everyone who knew you and will know you

Words of thanks cannot fulfil your right, my dear teacher


Abdullah Ahmed Al-Shamrani


Thank you, Professor Sobhi, for this training trip, which was of great benefit. The discussion of all its points, and sharing everyone’s points of view

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