I recently interview renowned sales expert Professor Ramez Helou. Owner and founder for The Academy For Sales Excellence. Over the last few years many organizations indulged in continuous growth year after year. Generally resulting in reaching double digit growth.

 However, not much attention was given to how these numbers were obtained. Instead great results were celebrated if the numbers kept on increasing.

The diagnosis

The global crisis forced a shift in sales development. Doing what they were doing simply no longer yielded the same result.

For that reason, business owners had to take a deeper look not just at what they were selling but also looking at what they needed to do or change to get the results they were looking for.

A much-needed change

Besides the “what was being sold”, the fundamentals of the “How you sell” and the fundamentals of the steps and actions that needed to be taken had to be reviewed.

The outcome resulted that the mistakes they have made in the past has been brought into the open, leaving them exposed.

Firstly, what can be done to fast forward change?… 

The probe

Today, the Academy for Sales Excellence with Professor Helou is taking a deeper look into this growing concern. Ramez explained that a proper investigation and need analysis was done to resolve these matters.

I am intrigued with what Ramez and his team at the Academy for Sales excellence will share with industry leaders in the future. For that reason, I have decided to keep an eye on their future findings

What will Happen if sales leaders do not take action?

Typically, the recession that is looming everywhere will have dire long term effects on sales organisations resulting in foreclosure and job losses…

Is there a cure for this sales pandemic?

Professor Helou seems confident that everything is not lost and that if CEO’s and sales leaders take the necessary steps to re-evaluate these fundamental of selling that their business can generate profit in a time of uncertainty.

The good news at this stage is that this is not a lonely journey. The majority of sales organisation are facing the same concerns. None the less, the secret is to be on top of the game, not to follow industry leaders and competitors but to be brave enough to take actions. Take the right actions right now!

Follow my discussions with Ramez Helou. Be At the Top of Your Game, be the influence, and the leader you were meant to be.

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