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What differentiate the top sales professionals from the average sales professional?

Well, we know that today more than ever, this is a hot topic. And being able to find that differentiator proves, to be the biggest value-added for you as an individual or even for your organization. 

Want to know what it is?

Simple growth mindset in sales.

Growth mindset basically is the simple idea that is not just about you being a talented sales professional, but it’s about you learning the secrets and learning the tools in order to make you a successful and a top sales professional. 

Now what really needs to happen is just having that proper mindset and that grit, that ability to keep going. 

That desire to go out there and drive the passion to really be the best at what you do. 

One of the quotes that made the biggest impact on me many years ago, in driving my growth mindset is a simple quote that says:

“Do not wish your customers get easier, wish you get better at handling your customers.” 

And I think about the environment that we live in today, things are more competitive, things are more difficult.

And for whatever reason, sometimes people just give up and they just get out and say, well, it’s the customer, it’s the market, it’s the competitor, it’s the price.

Have you heard about that before?

But today we know that it’s not, the it’s the, it’s the, it’s the. 

But it’s me. 

What can you do to get better at being able to show your value, show your differentiator to your clients. 

And the more you’re able to do that, the more successful you will be. I’ll share with you a story. 

A few months ago, I was in the Saudi market with one of my food service clients. 

And together, we walked into the purchasing office of one of his clients, and the story was really not going anywhere. 

So he told me about that, and all I decided to do is simply ask the following question. 

I asked him: “Mr. Customer, thanks for the time, and thanks for the visit. Can I ask you a question? 

He said: “Yes, go ahead” 

I said: Hey, you know, given that there is more entrants currently coming into the Saudi market, given the fact that things are a little slow, what are you doing to differentiate your outlet so that you can attract more customers? You can help increase the average spend within your outlets so that you can grow a business in this current market.

And he looked at me. 

He goes: Well, that’s not a purchasing question, that’s more like a marketing question.”

I looked at the stage up. 

I said: “Hey, are you talking with the marketing department?”

He said: “No”. 

I asked him, the purchasing director. 

I said: “You mind if you introduce us?”

He said: “No, absolutely.”

Actually, I didn’t know that you guys could do that. 

Now, later when we sat and spoke with the marketing director, the conversation was very, very useful because it was exactly what he was looking for. 

So within the simple example, the biggest thing is not to give up. 

The biggest thing is to find a different way that you can make things happen. 

So it’s not about wishing the customer becomes easier, you know, give me the cheapest price and then you give them the cheapest price on you take away of your profit. 

If your product has certain value, but people need to understand that value. 

And the question is, are you talking with those people within the account so that they can see the value that you’re offering? 

If not, what are you going to do about it? 

Until next time, sell more, sell faster and profitably.

Ramez Helou

Ramez Helou

CEO and Founder
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