Virtual Sales Leaders Bootcamp

Certified Business & Sales Leadership Training by Prof. Ramez Helou

5 Day Live-Virtual Course  

Some of the Fortune 500 brands taught by Prof. Ramez Helou

Is your sales team struggling to generate revenue given today’s challenging market?

Get the results you need from your sales team quickly and consistently by joining my exclusive virtual training course.

A personal note from Prof. Ramez Helou

To Business and Sales Leaders,

Recently I’ve received many calls from you across the GCC and Jordan; you are justifiably confused, worried and discouraged.

Given the challenging economic and social market conditions that we currently find ourselves in, your sales teams are not adequately prepared to generate the sales needed to support your respective businesses. 

As leaders, you want to show your sales teams how to:

  • Sell remotely
  • Accelerate stalled deals
  • Get to the decision-makers
  • Stay motivated and be accountable for their results

Rest assured, it is possible.

The strategies and systems needed to do so are now available to you in my exclusive training course ‘Virtual Sales Leaders Bootcamp’.

I have personally shared this program with great success to many Fortune 500 clients spanning 5 continents and in over 4 languages.

They are proven and tested to bring results consistently, no matter your:

  • Business type
  • Target market
  • Team size

The market may take years to normalize; why wait in hope of change, take action today and lead your colleagues to success.

Your friend,

Ramez Helou

What is the ‘Virtual Sales Leaders Bootcamp’?


It is a live and virtual sales training course


Designed exclusively for Business and Sales Leaders


Conducted live and virtually through Zoom by Sales Professor Ramez Helou


Receive an official KHDA Certificate upon completion


Total investment of USD 337 per seat


Only 25 seats are available for purchase

Value of $2250

Your one-time investment today

$337 only

or 15% of the original investment.

Some feedback from our satisfied clients


Charleston Aroz

Business Development Manager, Dan Trading

“Ramez’s teaching is very practical with real-life experiences that we can connect with. It’s not only motivating but also inspiring. I’ve started to apply a lot of these principles and I can already feel the difference.”


Sanath Kumara

Sales Manager, Simdi Group

“I really fell in love with the concept of bringing out the “why” with my sales team; infusing it and making sure that they communicate the same “why” when they are in the market. It’s love, learn, and live.”

How does this online-virtual course work?


Book Your Seat by clicking the link here and completing payment


You’ll receive a payment confirmation by email with the training times and Zoom links

On the days of training, click the Zoom link on your desktop or laptop and join the training room with Prof. Ramez Helou

Enjoy and learn from the live and virtual training experience

Apply your newfound knowledge and increase your sales

Why should Business and Sales Leaders invest in the course?

For less than 68 USD per day, learn how to cultivate a highly focused sales force.


Action plans to implement best practices for leading teams

Charismatic leadership behaviours and techniques

Retain existing customers and reach new ones to generate sales


Deliver powerful stories that lead to immediate buy-in

The principles of value selling for others to follow


Extract needs from clients faster though effective Listening and questioning


Effective sales coaching conversations

Motivate your team to take actions


Boost results from medium to top performers

What educational value should you expect over the 5 day course?

Day 1 - The Sales Leadership Model

  • The sales leadership model
  • Lead with why and vision
  • Lead by example – the 5 levels
  • The sales success formula – the 4 pillars
  • The sales leader’s role & success calendar
  • Adopt the beliefs and mindsets of world-class leaders
  • Evolution or revolution?
  • Focused efforts lead to focused results

Day 2 - Sales Activity Management

  • Sales activity management
  • Diagnose gaps in your sales funnel vs your buyer’s journey
  • Territory and customer management strategies
  • Retain and grow sales with existing customers
  • Attract and reach new clients
  • Galvanize your team

Day 3 - Influence & Persuasion Fundamentals

  • Influence and persuasion fundamentals
  • The Socrates 2,500 years old model that still works
  • 12 storytelling and charisma principles
  • The science and laws of influence
  • Influence and persuade remotely & online
  • Master your sales game – only for sales leaders

Day 4 - The Art & Science of Effective Sales Conversations

  • The art and science of effective sales conversations  
  • Defining value selling
  • The art of listening                                          
  • Consultative questioning redefined

Day 5 - Team Motivation & Accountability

  • Motivation models
  • Intrinsic or extrinsic motivation
  • Holding people accountable
  • Sales coaching simplified
  • Team motivation and accountability

Some feedback from our satisfied clients


Michele Gelmini

CEO, MM Entertainment

Usually, I am not a fan of group coaching. But this time, having someone else who is a business owner and has the same problems that I have and sharing them gives a lot. I got a lot of things that I already started to apply.


Mohamad Alwan

Head of Industrial Division, Mineral Circles Bearings

When I face a challenge to introduce a new product portfolio to one of our clients, I used the storytelling method to break the ice and everything went really good from there. The key was the correct opening of the meeting by telling a story.

The course includes stories & examples from actual clients that have benefitted from Professor Ramez Helou.

Book your seat today and you’ll also receive exclusive sales tools and support:


Free copy of our exclusive Sales E-book


A chance to Win a Free 90 min team building experience with your team


Free Facebook support group membership


Free access to our video sales library for 3 months (valued at USD 100 monthly)

Are you ready to take control and lead your sales team to success?

Be 1 of 25 exclusive business and sales leaders to benefit from this powerful course.

Some feedback from our satisfied clients


Virtual Sales Leaders Bootcamp, July 2020

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