“You said you want to talk to me and Help,

I’ve met with you, and all you want to do is Sell,

Last time we sat together, I didn’t speak,

It was you who spoke, and all you did is tell, tell, tell”


Have you ever found yourself in such a situation? One where someone kept trying to talk you into buying their products, without asking what you needed in the first place? Maybe you gave them an appointment to see how they could help you, but all they did was go on and on about their company, products, and services.


Or maybe it was the other way around. Perhaps you were the one who rushed into trying to sell something to someone before actually taking the time to understand their business and their problems.


It happens. Most of us have been there. The key to avoiding such a situation is to put yourselves in the shoes of whoever you are selling to and understand what is actually happening inside their mind.


There are four main things that are happening inside the mind of your customer that you need to make sure you’re addressing:


1: Don’t waste my time


Remember, time is money. Everyone has something better to do, and somewhere else to be. So why should they give you their time? You need to find ways to add value to your customers and be beneficial to them even before the buying process.


People don’t want to meet with you just for you to sell to them. Think of different ideas that you can bring to the conversation to help them.  Now how do you do that?


2: Do you understand my business? My problems and goals?


Research. Read up on your customers, their industries, and their products and services.


Try to get a better understanding of their environment and the challenges they may be facing.
Have a set of questions ready in advance. These questions should encourage your customer to talk – they should want to tell you about their problems. It will help you understand their perspective, and it will also make the client feel like you actually care about helping them, rather than just selling to them.


3: How do I know I can trust you? Are you credible?


How can the client know they can rely on you? Do you have any success stories about a similar business to theirs to share?


Make sure you bring these up during the conversation. Let them know that you know what you are doing. You’ve done it before with great success, and you are going to continue doing it for a long time.


However, everyone has to start somewhere. If you are a new business, then focus on yourself as a professional in your industry rather than on your business, and the changes that you can bring to the table.


4: Will your product or solution really work?


Always tie in your success stories to the bottom line of your customers.


Show them a likely return on investment. Show them the money in any way you can. Have you helped others reduce their cost or increase their sales? Find that link and then capitalize on it.


So remember, always think of ways to add value to your customer, so they’re eager to spend time with you.


Take the time to understand their problems before and during your conversation with them.


Give them a reason to trust you – tell them who else has worked with you and how it has gone.


Help them to see that your products and services have done great for others – show them tangible, positive results, and the sale will be yours before you know it!



About the Author

Ramez Helou

Ramez Helou is the founder and CEO of The Academy for Sales Excellence. You can reach him via email at ramez@ramezhelou.com






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